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The Hard Drive Band

Marty Schoenthaler
Mike Richardson
Steve Tellman
Stanley Stidham
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Stanley Stidham


                            Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar

Stan was raised on a farm in Tunas, MO. At age 13, his parents bought him a guitar and drove them crazy with it until they made him move out to the chicken coop. At 15 he started playing at the Pomme De Terre Opry until he was 17 when he went to work at Denny Hilton's Country Shindig. He has also played with the Mandrell Sisters and Doyle Holly. In 1987, Stanley was hired at the Opry. When he was a young boy he use to wish and dream he was on the Opry. He even pretended he was on stage playing a yardstick like a guitar and now he's been on the show for 18 years

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